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Next Level Dog Training is born out of the combined passion and expertise of two seasoned professionals in the canine training industry.

Recognising a need for a more tailored and effective approach to dog training at a national scale, they joined forces. Their shared goal was simple: to offer top-notch dog training services that stand out in quality and effectiveness.

To make this vision a reality, they reached out to us. We assisted them in developing a strong brand identity, conducting extensive demographic research, creating a user-friendly website, and crafting clear and engaging content to connect with their wide-ranging clientele.

Next Level Case Study

The Quest for Insight - A Dive into Discovery

The Challenge

Matt & Justin wanted to streamline their operations. They needed a modern, efficient website that not only showcased their brand but also attracted potential clients, facilitating their business's growth.

Foundation Building: The dog training world is highly competitive. Next Level Dog Training took on the challenge of making a distinct mark. Their strategy was to go beyond the usual offerings, focusing on a customised approach that truly addresses the needs of dog owners and their pets.

Establishing Brand Identity: As a fresh face in the business world, Next Level Dog Training had some initial branding, like a logo. Our role was to help them expand on this, creating a memorable and coherent brand image.

Crafting Clear Content: The right content can bridge the gap between a business and its audience. They wanted their website to be straightforward, relatable, and informative. We worked closely with them to produce content that resonates with dog owners and showcases their deep commitment to top-tier training.


We carried out in-depth analysis to grasp the specific needs and challenges of Next Level Dog Training's intended audience. Armed with this knowledge, we customised the website's design, content, and promotional tactics to resonate powerfully with their target clientele.


Understanding Next Level Dog Training's emphasis on authenticity, we helped them create genuine and engaging content that struck a chord with their clientele. By incorporating client feedback and building a communal vibe, their website transformed into a hub featuring success tales, client reviews, and a vibrant community of dog enthusiasts.

Website Design & Development

Leveraging the WordPress platform, we developed a mobile-friendly and search engine friendly website. The design incorporated high-quality images, including professionally captured photographs showcasing their expertise. The occasional use of stock photos complimented the visual appeal of the site.

Search Engine Optimisation

After finalising the website design, we concentrated on enhancing on-site SEO. This meticulous approach included strategic internal linking, optimising page titles and meta descriptions, and addressing various technical SEO duties.

Moreover, we optimised the website for top speed performance, ensuring a smooth and ultra-fast user experience.


Building on our deep understanding of digital marketing, we devised an extensive SEO plan tailored to ensure content visibility and prominence in search results. To complement this organic approach, we also initiated a meticulously crafted AdWords campaign, optimised for precision targeting.

This combination not only bolstered the online footprint but also efficiently channelled relevant traffic, ensuring a broader and more engaged audience reach.

Pawsitive results

Upon launching their new website, Next Level Dog Training witnessed immediate customer engagement and numerous positive outcomes. These included:

Robust Brand Presence: Next Level effectively distinguished themselves in the dog training sector by catering to previously unaddressed needs and offering tailored training approaches.

Increased Customer Engagement: A well-designed, mobile-responsive website showcased Next Level's expertise. This, combined with a community-centric approach, boosted trust and loyalty among site visitors.

Dominant Local Impact: The website, coupled with effective online marketing, anchored Next Level's reputation in their local community. It became a central platform for dog owners to interact, share experiences, and discuss training strategies, enhancing organic referrals.

Business Expansion & Investment: The surge in demand facilitated by the website empowered Next Level to invest in enhancing their facilities, reinforcing their standing as a premier dog training provider.

Our collaboration with Next Level Dog Training has been gratifying. Despite starting in a challenging industry, their dedication and innovative approaches, coupled with our website creation efforts, paved their way to notable success.

The website was instrumental in building their brand, expanding their reach, and cementing their industry leadership, especially in the local community. Their growth story stands testament to their passion and commitment.


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Matt & Justin
We were a new start up company and we turned to visible marketing for help. David and his team built our brand new website which blew us away. The standard was well above what we expected. They now work on our SEO and Google ads campaigns as well as managing our website full time. We feel having the visible team on board as accelerated us forward more than we could have imagined. Their attention to detail is spot on and nothing is ever to much.
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