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Meet Workforce Skills Support, the driving force behind construction industry proficiency. As a private training provider, they specialise in equipping professionals with the knowledge and skills they need, precisely when they need it. They are a one-stop destination for health and safety courses and vocational qualifications across the nation.

Behind every program they offer stands a team of specialists with an extensive background in crafting development pathways for the construction industry.

When they initially joined forces with our team, they had adopted an off-the-shelf website theme that carried their branding but found themselves buried in the abyss of search engine rankings. Their online enquiry volumes were languishing, and overall conversions were far below their aspirations.

Recognising the need for a dramatic transformation, they entrusted us with the vital task of unlocking their untapped potential, helping them achieve the online recognition they truly deserved.

Workforce Skills

The Quest for Insight - A Dive into Discovery

Our journey commenced with a comprehensive customer discovery process. We delved into the realm of construction skills, learning about industry challenges, connecting with their current clients, and thoroughly analysing their customer demographic. This thorough investigation laid the foundation for a significant transformation.


After our initial dive, we rolled up our sleeves and got down to the nitty-gritty of things – an in-depth SEO audit. We took a year-long look at how the website had been doing because, well, we wanted to make sure we were using the right bait. We became keyword detectives, hunting for the juiciest, most-searched terms, all with the aim of laying the foundation for some seriously engaging content


With the SEO audit complete and data in hand, we teamed up with our client to embark on a content creation marathon. Over 200 pages worth of captivating content, each page meticulously crafted to align with our keyword strategy. But that's not all; we didn't stop at words alone. We curated a gallery of relevant images to complement the text. To ensure seamless user navigation, we put our heads together to design a sitemap and navigation plans that would make exploring their website as smooth as a well-constructed blueprint.

Website Design & Development

After laying the groundwork, it was time to bring the vision to life. Armed with the trusty tools of WordPress and the Oxygen framework, we carefully constructed a website that would stand as a testament to the craftsmanship of Workforce Skills Support.

Every detail was considered, every pixel thoughtfully placed, all to ensure our client's distinct advantage remained firmly in place.

Search Engine Optimisation

After completing the website design, we dedicated ourselves to bolstering on-site SEO. This comprehensive process involved strategically crafting internal links, refining page titles and meta descriptions, and addressing various technical SEO tasks.

Furthermore, we fine-tuned the website for optimal speed performance, ensuring a seamless and lightning-fast user experience.


With the website launch accomplished, we initiated an ongoing SEO strategy. This multifaceted approach encompassed a dynamic blogging strategy, strategic link building, continuous on-site enhancements, conversion rate optimisation, and proactive outreach efforts.

Our commitment to supporting Workforce Skills Support in meeting the ever-evolving demands of the construction industry remains unwavering, as we continue to propel their growing business.

Remarkable Results

The transformation of Workforce Skills Support's digital presence is a testament to meticulous planning and execution.

Prior to our intervention, Workforce Skills Support faced online challenges. Their web pages struggled to rank for relevant keywords, limiting their reach to potential clients. However, with an enhanced SEO strategy focusing on keyword optimisation, quality backlinks, and content enrichment, there was a significant shift in their digital positioning. Their website emerged from obscurity to claim prominent spots on search engine results pages, gaining the attention of a broader audience.

This rise in search engine positions was only the beginning. The redesigned website was a blend of visually appealing elements and user-centric design. It not only captivated visitors but also ensured seamless navigation, resulting in a noticeable improvement in the click-through rate. The intuitive navigation, coupled with clear call-to-action cues, engaged visitors effectively.

One of the standout achievements was the substantial increase in conversions and online enquiries. The redesigned online booking system streamlined the process, allowing visitors to easily check availability, select their desired courses, and confirm reservations.

Like skilled tradespeople mastering their craft, users now navigate the website with ease, each click unveiling new opportunities and possibilities for skills development. Over the course of a year, the results spoke volumes.

These numbers underscore the remarkable impact of our digital strategy, positioning Workforce Skills Support as a prominent player in the construction skills and training sector.


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We have been working with Dave and Reika for several years now. They are passionate about their work and genuinely are an extension of our business and team. We see them as part of our team; we know they are just as passionate about their service as we are about our products and services. We have had a new website design, and they work with us for ongoing search engine optimisation - our quarterly reports and guidance ensure we focus on content improvement, blogging, etc.
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